Sean Childers is the Assistant Vice President of Operations click here  for more information.

Operations Division oversees the following departments: Planning & Administration, Building Maintenance & Construction, Utilities, Services, Engineering Services, Business Services, and Grounds Maintenance.

Planning & Administration


Brandon Hennington is the Managing Director of Planning & Administration click here  for more information.

Planning & Administration is responsible for tracking and reporting all facilities inventory information, facilities condition audits, space planning, and capital project tracking. The department is also responsible for Operations Division Information Systems and Information Technology desktop support. Planning & Administration services include relocation project management, custom campus maps/floor plans, Emergency Action Plan development, and space analysis/optimization projects.


Building Maintenance & Construction


Lonnie Evans is the Director of the Building Maintenance & Construction click here  for more information.

Alex Weaver is the Unit Assistant Director of the Building Maintenance & Construction click here  for more information.

Building Maintenance and Construction Section is responsible for the maintenance and repair of education and general building structural, mechanical, utility and electrical infrastructure.




Dale Townsley is the Director of Utilities click here  for more information.

Utilities provides manufactured utilities to the campus and Health Science Center in the form of steam, chilled water, compressed air, and treated water




Carey Hewett is the Director of Services click here  for more information.

The Physical Plant Services Section ensures daily custodial services are available to educational and general (E&G) buildings, provides contract custodial services to auxiliary facilities as required, maintain the University's vehicle fleet, operates a vehicle rental fleet, and provides trash retrieval and disposal throughout campus.




Brenda Bullard is the Director of Engineering click here  for more information.

Engineering provides services to execute limited engineering, architectural and Interior design, perform technical analysis, project cost estimates, construction inspection, project management, and contract management.


Business Services


Michele Hamilton is the Director of Business Services click here  for more information.

The Operations Division Department of Business Services provides administrative and business services to the Division and the Campus. MailTech serves the campus daily with a full range of mail services and delivery to departments and dormitories. Our Resource Office, Business Office, Purchasing Office and Safety Office provide financial and administrative services to the seven departments within the Operations Division.


Grounds Maintenance


Mike Quartaro is the Director of Grounds Maintenance click here  for more information.

Grounds Maintenance is responsible for all outdoor functions (landscape, irrigation, traffic signals, sidewalks, parking lots & streets) also the Interior Maintenance Plant Program on and off the campus. While managing 16 crews and office staff on an average of 90 employees, this department creates, maintains and continually enriches the outdoor of the Texas Tech University campus environment to assure a safe, well maintained, and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for students, faculty, staff, visitors, and future Red Raiders.