Financial Services and Tax

Crista McCune is the Managing Director of Financial Services and Tax. click here  for more information.

Financial Services and Tax includes Financial Services, Property Inventory & Reporting, and Tax Compliance & Reporting. Financial Services provides the accounting function for Texas Tech University System and Texas Tech University for State funds, institutional funds, and current restricted/endowment funds. The department is responsible for filing the Annual Financial Report with the State Comptroller’s Office along with other required state and federal reports. Property Inventory & Reporting is responsible for tagging all capitalized and controlled assets, tracking annual property inventory certifications conducted by departments, and filing related reports as required by the State. Tax Compliance & Reporting provides the tax function for Texas Tech University System, Texas Tech University, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The department is responsible for filing tax returns as required by the State of Texas and Internal Revenue Services, including Mixed Beverage Tax Report, Sales Tax Report, and Unrelated Business Income Tax Return.